BSidesSF  -  Rise of Coinminers

2018, Apr 09    

In less than a week I will be giving a BSides talk about the rise of Coinminers, if you are coming to BSidesSF or RSA feel free to come a long. Should be fun. Here is the abstract:

Coinminers have been on the rise in 2017, causing slow down on home computers, massive overage to cloud providers, Highjacking someone else’s CPU power for money. This rise of Coinminers have set me on a journey diving into this new world, trying to shed some light on this emerging threat and finding ways to eradicate it. Our journey begins by exploring the magnitude of this phenomenon, its technical pieces, discovering ways to capture these vicious creatures and extracting vital intelligence from them. Using this intelligence, we are able to put the spotlight on (some of) the people behind it and automate doxing tactics to hunt crypto-miners in scale. But we could not stop at just doxing them, diving deeper into the rabbit hole we have found ways to track profits and revenue of this campaigns. To our astonishment, we have found some millionaires. We will use all of our discoveries to share generic defensive tactics to detect, prevent and remediate Coinminers from as many computers as possible. Finally, we will share key predictions of what’s coming next from this new evasive threat.

Can register here:


I’ve just uploaded my Rise of Coinminers @BSidesSF slides, you can download them from here: Join me on Sunday to learn how to stop and hunt this surging threat.

Final Update

The talk video just released, enjoy: