Two Years of Malware Research Slack Group - Anniversary Event

2019, Nov 21    

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Anniversary  Event

Two years ago I’ve decided to open a Slack group dedicated to malware research (you can read the full reason behind it here). It’s been quite a roller coaster ride of malware research and amazing collaboration since. The group now has over 800 members with many channels, massive daily activity and collaborative projects. In order to celebrate our success, members of the group decided to join an online educational event. It was a great fun and with the members who presented approval I am happy to share the recorded presentations with the rest of the community. Can’t wait for next year, keep it up everybody!

Raashid Bhat - Rise of Emotet

Mark & Hasherezade - Funky Malware Formats:

AC - LOL Bins Behaving Badly:

Herrcore & Seanmw -  Un Pack Everything:

Hexlax’s MalBeacon:

Th3_protoCOL - Analyzing Ryuk with the Viper Framework: